Introduction to Registration on e-PHAB

You are about to register your Vital Records/Health Statistics (VRHS) Unit on PHAB’s electronic system, e-PHAB.

Registration on e-PHAB is the first step toward seeking public health accreditation. Registration will create an account in e-PHAB. Registration is non-binding. Registering your VRHS Unit alerts PHAB that your Unit is getting ready to apply for accreditation.

Once you begin Registration, you must complete it and submit it to PHAB within 90 calendar days. If you do not submit it within 90 calendar days, it will expire and you will have to begin the registration process over in order to begin the accreditation process. To review the accreditation process, click here for the Guide for National Accreditation of State/Territorial Vital Records/Health Statistics Units, adopted in November 2018.

ONLY one person per VRHS Unit should register in e-PHAB. That person must be either the Vital Records Director or the VRHS Accreditation Coordinator. When the registration is completed by either the Vital Records Director or the VRHS Accreditation Coordinator, the other person will automatically also be registered in e-PHAB. (They will receive an email with a temporary password). If that individual already has an account in e-PHAB using the same email address, please contact PHAB ( From hence forward, the Vital Records Director will be referred to as the Director. That individual will be responsible for authorizing submission of the registration, application, documentation, etc., in e-PHAB. The registration will also ask for information about the Health Statistics Director, if that individual is different from the Vital Records Director.

As a reminder, submission of registration requires that the VRHS Accreditation Coordinator, the Vital Records Director and the Health Statistics Director (if different) have completed PHAB’s Online Orientation.

Account Creation

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